More Posts to Come! 

Hello sweet readers,

I’m just going to go ahead and state the obvious: which is that I haven’t blogged in a while. 3 months actually. (Surprise surprise). But I think this is the first time since I started this blog in 2014 that I’m not regularly beating myself up about it anymore. (Woo! Improvement.)

I’ve been too busy taking care of myself and soaking up the good moments when they come. And while 2016 has given me days where I’ve literally felt the best I’ve felt in years, I’ve also felt the worst I’ve felt in years too. My body seems to be fluctuating even more than before, and while the Hansa Center was providing me with so many positive results, I tried an experimental treatment in Arizona in March (suggested by my doctors) that set me back and was very hard to adjust to. So all that makes doing any updates or treatment overview blog posts pretty overwhelming and depressing.

But I’ve decided that 2016 is the year of radical self care and that means it’s the year that I stop feeling guilty over not meeting arbitrary goals and expectations I impose on myself! Hooray! We could all use a little bit of that attitude right?!

But just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’m just not on my laptop anymore. I’m being a little more mindful of exposure to electronics since

1) I’m a little more sensitive to EMFs and my only laptop is ancient and needs to be plugged in at all times or else it will immediately die within one millisecond of the charger accidentally falling out. *Eye roll* It’s such a diva. (Using laptops while plugged in drastically increases EMF radiation compared to using laptops running on battery power)…

2) And typing is a good way to flare my neck and back pain…

So spending time on the computer is always something my body pays for.

Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of laying in bed and typing on my (EMF protected) iPhone whenever the writing urge comes along. And I’ve been posting to social media more. So I plan on sharing some of the things I’ve written there, and some of the writing I have stored in my phone over these past few months.

Hope your guys are ready for a really lengthy, ranty, yet informative, post because the next one is just that :)




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