Symptom Overview

Hey Y’all!

I just updated a new “page” on here which goes over some of my symptoms over the years.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of blog post ideas but not enough time to write them all. The struggle is real, and my detox and treatment protocols are taking up all my time. What’s new.

So when I’m up late with insomnia, sometimes I make notes in my phone for future posts. Sometimes, those “notes” turn into an entire post. So in the mean time, while I try to figure out a way to describe my Hansa Center experiences to you guys (and give it the justice it deserves), I’ll be posting whatever random 4:00am ramblings make their way into my phone.


Mmkay great.

This symptom review is mainly for myself, to document my progress and realize how far I’ve come. It’s been a long ride, but I’ve come a long way. It’s so easy to forget how bad things used to be. And when memory issues and cognitive deficits are also some of your Lyme symptoms – it’s even worse!

But this list is also for others. For those:

  1. With Lyme, to compare to their own experiences
  2. Without Lyme, so that I can bring awareness about what it’s actually like to be living in a body riddled with multiple systemic infections
  3. Who are sick and wondering if it might be Lyme, to shed awareness on symptoms you may have that your doctors haven’t picked up on

I never thought of sharing a list like this publicly, because A) who the hell cares what my specific symptoms are and B) there are so many others with Lyme who have it MUCH worse (intense seizures, spontaneous and complete paralysis, completely bed bound, literally near death etc.).  But it’s recently come to my attention that some people, even those closest to me, really aren’t aware of the symptoms of Lyme outside of pain and fatigue.

There’s so much more to Lyme than that. SO much.

The trouble is, many of the symptoms are hard to describe, and don’t have a proper medical term or name. Or they sound benign. But when paired with all of the other symptoms that are happening simultaneously, you can get a better picture of the Lyme experience.

So if you want to check out my list, click here or on the “Symptoms” page above. 


Here’s to hoping 2016 brings love, light, and new levels of health and healing!!




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